Covid-19: All you need to know!

Latest update: 5.8.2021 16:00

Nobody – neither crew, volunteers, artists nor others – will be allowed into the festival without valid Covid-19 documentation and valid ticket (in that order).

Before entry

  1. Everyone who plans to arrive at the festival by bus will be checked for valid Covid-19 documentation first, and then a valid ticket before allowed entry on the bus at the Oslo pick-up/drop-off point (Operagata, right next to the Opera House).
  1. Everyone who plans to arrive by other means will be directed to the festival parking area and be checked for valid Covid-19 documentation first, then a valid ticket. 
  2. Everyone will get two wristbands; one for Covid documentation, and one for the ticket

Valid covid-19 documentation

As of August 2nd, the following counts as valid Covid-19 documentation:

  1. A negative PCR test, no older than 72 hours (Norwegians can enter with negative “Hurtigtest”)
  2. Full vaccine
  3. Covid-19 antibodies (have had covid-19 before)
  4. Partial vaccination – first jab of vaccine at least 3 weeks ago

The documentation shall satisfy the Norwegian-approved standards for validity. Festival staff/volunteers shall receive appropriate training to be able to validate this.

Update 1.8.2021: Norwegian guests, partners and vendors may get a Covid-19 test for free (details here). Bear in mind that this test must be done within 24 hours of your planned arrival. The corona pass based on this test will only stay green for 24 hours.

Update 2.8.2021: Please also bring a an id with your picture on it, so that we can validate the corona pass up against it.

During the festival

  1. Everyone shall wear both wristbands (ticked & Covid-19) visibly at all times during the festival. People not wearing the wristbands shall be shown off the premises without delay. 
  2. Wash your hands often! If you cannot wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. You will find this at all food and beverage stalls, toilets, showers, entry/exit points and by all the trash bins.
  3. Disinfect contact points regularly, wipe down areas touched by many regularly, such as bar, infodesk, toilets etc. 
  4. Keep safe distance while queing in the bar, for foods or otherwise
  5. All alcoholic drinks must be consumed while seated. We will put up nice chairs and tables for you to use.

Update 1.8.2021: As the number of festival guests is limited to 500, we are (fortunately!) not required to create cohorts. This means that you will be able to enjoy the festival without the risk of being physically separated from any of your friends.

Entering Norway

Each case and country is different, so we must ask that you read up on the rules yourself and evaluate your case. Visit Norway and Norwegian Institute of Public Health are the best information sites we can find about entering the countries – that are also easy to understand. HERE you can read the government’s Q&A as well.

Update 1.8.2021: If you arrive by air and you are fully vaccinated, make sure to tell the airport staff about this as this will enable you to go into the rapid queue. Otherwise you should be prepared for a long wait.