Why does Monument Festival exist?

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The festival is initiated by Monument, but one hundred percent created by all of us together. Every listener of the podcast, every reader of the magazine, every dancer at our parties. Year after year, we invite you back to Norway to spend three magical days together with your Monument family. We will enjoy beautiful and hypnotic music together played by our favourite artists from the worldwide techno scene, and form a community of knowledge, love and engagement. And most importantly! Create the best techno festival in the Nordics.

We believe that techno is best experienced together. Monument Festival is a space where every guest is welcome to come as they are. There is no need to play hero or cool, we are just here to enjoy the music, the environment and the energy. Whether that means dancing with your best friend, sitting by the fire getting to know someone new, or standing in your own sphere floating above the ground with the beats of the music.

The whole team has a deep respect and love for the Norwegian nature and Mother Earth. We aim to be as sustainable as possible in all joints of our operations and execution. We wish to build a sustainable business that is viable for the long run. To us, that also means to leave no trace in our nature and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. And it means to run the organisation socially sustainable with space for individuals to blossom and to build a product that leaves people stronger and healthier at the end of a three-day festival.

Monument Festival is a platform to showcase artists in many formats, not just from the sound system. We want the event to be a mind and body, head to toe experience that stimulates all your senses. If you have a disabled sense, we still want you to be able to have the best weekend of your life.

Forward Leaning
We wish to play an active role. Both internationally and in our local community. We take a stance in being open for the new. We are curious and brave when meeting new possibilities. Every year we evaluate our execution and generate feedback from all stakeholders in order to improve ourselves the best we can for the future years.

High Quality
Never, ever, will we compromise on quality. The matter of taste is subjective, but the question of implementation and execution is not. We commit to always strive towards the highest quality in everything we do. From food to music, to equipment and design. We promise to take learnings of everything we do, in order to have continuous improvement, and we will always stay open for feedback.

If this text makes you feel good, or you get a sense of calmness by reading it, you are invited to join our โ€œlow key, participate as you can-family groupโ€ on Facebook. This is a place to connect with people from different cities, share music, or ask for recommendations. All in uplifting Monument spirit!

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